How I Got Out

This is the post excerpt.


This is the only photo I have from my my years of being on hard drugs and being at rock bottom.   When that photo was taken it was a blessing to me moving into a separate room.  Will never forget the Bethel House.
3 years later I am drug free.  Couldn’t have done it without my wife.  I am not recovered.  Still an addict.  True recovery is a lifestyle change.  I have not worked the steps.  Don’t like all the traveling and being around other people.  Has to be another way.  Thus the purpose of this blog.

Blurred night lights

This is an opportunity for me to come free with my thoughts privately to the public.  The challenge of writing something else besides memoirs is what makes what I am doing, specializing in addiction fiction, special.

I value my privacy to a fault, and perhaps I am not ready yet to come out into the world yelling out “I am a recovering addict!”  However, behind the scenes I am the one sharing my thoughts, encouragement, guidance at 3 am in the morning to anyone that has the time.


Author: Marq Mighty


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